Easter Basket Ideas For Kids!


GEt Easter Ready with these 40 Easy Easter Basket iDeas to make your Easter celebration Festive and fun!

Spring is upon us and that means it’s Easter basket season! It’s time to get festive and start creating those Easter baskets for your little ones. Here you’ll find 40 Easter basket ideas for kids to inspire and get you well on your way to celebrating! Let’s hop to it!

Fun Easter Basket IDea!

First things first, you need an Easter basket to store all your Easter goodies! I am usually traditional with my easter basket choices but this year with my boys being 3 and 5, I’m always thinking of how we can better organize our lives, our home and all their toys. Last year I went with a traditional Easter basket and most of the stuff went outside the basket because it all didn’t fit, so this year I’m going big! My goal was to have all the stuff fit inside the basket so we are doing jumbo baskets that can we can reuse after Easter as toy storage. I love it when I buy something that can have multiple uses! Below you’ll find the baskets I’m using, yay to so much more Easter stuffing space! They come in two neon colors, coral and neon yellow. Find them in the shop here in the home decor section.

Traditional, practical and personal Easter Basket IDeas

I like to fill my boys’ Easter baskets up with a mix of traditional, practical and some personal items to make it extra special. With that in mind, I look for things that are Easter-themed: bunnies, eggs, cute baby chicks, carrots — I love all these traditional goodies. For practical items, add things that your kiddos currently need like rain boots or a lunchbox, these can be Easter-themed but don’t have to be. And for personal items, make it extra special with things they’re currently into and loving at the moment. For example my youngest is crazy about sharks and horses so I’ll add some shark bath toys and some toy horses. Also, for some bonus ideas think of items that your kids may be running low on, like in our house, we can never have enough water balloons or sidewalk chalk. Think Easter treats, needs, wants and fun!

40 Easter Basket Ideas for kids!

Grab yourself a treat and a cup of coffee or tea and dive into all this Easter basket goodness! I’ve tried to make it easy by linking all my ideas to products in the Sugar Moon Bloom shop and from stores and brands I love and shop at. Some of these links are affiliate links and some are not, just me keeping it real. :)

  1. Treats - you gotta have Easter treats. For the treats I mix the traditional fun Easter candy like chocolate bunnies and candy eggs, with some healthier options like Yum Earth Organic Gummy Fruits, which come in the shape of little bunnies along with the natural jelly beans and chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe’s.

  2. Accessories - these are so cute to wear on Easter! Find them in the shop here and check out these adorable Bunny Ear Hair Clips. How cute would these bunny clips be with a frilly Easter dress?!

  3. Mini Puzzles - the perfect size for home and travel. This bunny one is too cute and perfect for Easter!

  4. Costume Fun and Dress Up items - think headbands, crowns and capes all in the costume and dress-up section in the shop!

  5. Coloring Books - both Easter-themed and themes your kiddos are into at the moment.

  6. Bunny Stuffed Animal - an Easter staple!

  7. Measuring Tape - I think all kids love to learn how to measure things…measure away!

  8. Crayons - I go for the special ones in vibrant colors!

  9. Paints - in the prettiest colors!

  10. Pencils and Erasers - make writing and school so much fun.

  11. Inspiring Journals and Notebooks - in happy neon colors of yellow, pink and green!

  12. Tattoos - These are so perfect for Easter baskets, the tattoo packs are a fan favorite!

  13. Iron-on Patches - a great way to show your kiddos how irons work!

  14. Pens and Markers - the mini monster scented highlighters are my fave!

  15. Stickers - we just got these bunny ones in!

  16. Play Time Items like these colorful Dinosaurs

  17. Cushions - For playtime fun and room decor, yay to multiple uses!

  18. Balloons - blow them up and tie around the basket handles for that extra Easter flair! So many cutie options like this Rainbow Balloon Bouquet or this Easter Chick with Bunny Ears and omgoodness have you seen these adorable Mini Bunny Balloons…pop them inside your basket for that extra festive fun! Or get crafty with this Easter Bunny Balloon DIY Kit!

  19. Easter Banner - hang over the baskets for that sweet Easter morning welcome!

  20. Melamine Kids Plates and Cups- oh so practical and oh so fun! There are so many options in the shop but this Carrot and Gingham Set is extra fun for Easter and so is this Little Birdie Divided Plate.

  21. Room Decor - give items that they can add to their personal spaces like their bedroom or playroom.

  22. Slime - I’ve never met a kid that didn’t like this stuff! It may not be a parent favorite but it sure is fun. Make sure to buy one that isn’t too watery so it doesn’t get super messy…or try making your own!

  23. Bath Toys - can you ever have enough!!!? Just bought this Boley Sea Creature Set from Amazon for my little guy’s Easter basket because he’s all about sharks these days!

  24. Trend Items - This years trend item comes straight from my 5 year old that has been asking for a flippy shirt, which really is a sequin T-shirt. For months now he’s been asking for his flippy shirt! I keep telling him that I’ve been chatting with the Easter bunny and he knows exactly where to find them. Find the cutest ones from H&M.

  25. Herbs, Veggies and Seeds to Plant - Start a backyard garden and take these straight from the Easter basket to the garden and make it an Easter tradition to start a garden!

  26. Bug Catcher - So many kids are fascinated with bugs. Make it safe for the bugs and interesting for your kids. We have this one from Amazon in yellow and it also comes in pink.

  27. Rain Boots - The cutest Easter gift for those spring rain showers. Find them at Target in the cutest themes. I’m getting the shark ones for my littlest guy. I also love Hunter boots, classic and always loved by my boys! You can find the Hunter boots at Nordstrom’s.

  28. Umbrellas - My boys love it when it rains because they get to use their umbrellas! We got such cute ones from Amazon that are made for kids, they’re the perfect size for them to hold and handle, we got the royal blue and yellow one.

  29. Water Bottles - Seems like we are always in need of these. Get them in a fun color or design from Amazon, we like the lime green and aqua colors. I found the best accessory for these water bottles too…reusable straws which makes packing lunches so much easier when you always have a clean straw to grab, yay! I just cut the straw to the correct length to fit the bottle, easy peasy! Snag them from Target.

  30. Gift Card - Head to your local art supply store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and make it special for your kiddos by letting them pick something out and hand the gift card to the cashier to pay for it. Kiddos love doing things themselves — it fills their kiddo accomplishment tank!

  31. A New Lunchbox - I’m always on the lookout for new lunchboxes as most of them aren’t built to last very long. We just bought the OmieBox and I really like it. We also purchased the Yumbox because I wanted to compare them. I wouldn’t recommend the Yumbox at all, immediately after opening it, I took the food container tray out of the outside box to check it out and it was super hard to align it back into place to close the lunchbox…so not worth my precious time on school mornings, not sure any parent has an extra 10 minutes to fiddle with a lunchbox on a school morning. I’m going to be writing a blog post about kids lunches, so more lunchbox discussion later!

  32. Cookie Cutters and a Sugar Cookie Mix to bake together on Easter - I love giving items that also mean time spent together in the kitchen, a win-win!

  33. Fun Socks - SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!! I've teamed up with Pal Socks to offer 15% off their adorable socks for kids. Pal Socks are the cutest socks and so fun for kiddos as they are rad, comfy and mismatched! Click or copy and paste this link into your browser for 15% off your order, http://palssocks.refr.cc/aimeem. You gotta use this specific link or the discount won’t work! Happy sock shopping, let me know which ones you get in the comments! I’m going to add the “Fox & Bunny” and “Milk & Cookies” designs into my boys’ baskets.

  34. Tea Set - create a cute Easter scene with stuffed bunnies drinking tea all ready to play with on Easter morning!

  35. Books - our current faves are: The Snail and The Whale and The Kissing Hand; both can be found on Amazon. The Snail and The Whale is such a fave and so cute that we are buying it for a second time around because we somehow lost the first one, I have no idea where it went! And the Kissing Hand was recommend by our Pediatrician to help with school drop-offs.

  36. Book Ends - these are practical and basic but come in such a fun aqua color. It says green but they are very much aqua! They also come in yellow and pink. Get a few books and display these book ends next to your Easter basket as a cute Easter surprise!

  37. Sidewalk Chalk - by Crayola in fun colors, find it on Amazon. Can you ever have enough chalk?!!!

  38. Water Balloons - we get ours from Target.

  39. Pool Toys - nothing says summer is almost here than a pool noodle and a floatie shaped like a donut. Be summer ready for that first hot day and pop these in your Easter basket! Find the pool noodles and the donut at Target or spread joy with this rainbow pool float from Amazon.

  40. Play Doh - always a simple and fun idea, find this awesome assortment of colors on Amazon. We love it!

Extra Easter fun

Bonus: Leave some treats out for the Easter bunny like carrots, lettuce and how about baking some carrot cake cupcakes, top them with these cute bunny toppers. And don’t forget to hide those eggs in the back yard and mark the hunting area with these cutie Easter Egg Hunt Markers (see image to your right). Add some pots of daffodils or tulips around a few of the markers and you’ll have THE cutest Easter Egg Hunt set-up.

And as a thank you for supporting my blog and business I have a sweet surprise discount for you, use code EASTERFUN2019 for 15% off your order in the shop! Hop to it…the sale ends April 16th!

Fill those baskets with all the Easter awesomeness and remember to tag me on Instagram so I can be part of your fun and see your Easter basket designs!

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Happy Easter, Happy Celebrating!