How to: DIY Four Leaf Clover Balloons

Some of the links you’ll find in this post are affiliate links which help support my blog.

Some of the links you’ll find in this post are affiliate links which help support my blog.

With just your basic heart balloons create a four leaf clover balloon to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Decorate your home, classroom, or office for the upcoming holiday with these jumbo shamrock balloons and get everyone excited about the luckiest day of the year! These shamrock balloons are so delightful and add such a fun pop of that famous St. Patrick’s Day color: green! Their jumbo size makes a big statement using the symbolic clover and would be perfect for creating a St. Patrick’s Day party backdrop or a St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board for a classroom.

From hearts to clovers

These shimmering green heart balloons make the perfect shape clover leaf! How fun, right? I love the symbolism of this DIY taking a shape that is known for love and making something that is known for luck. It can’t get better than that! So let’s spread the love and luck with these four leaf clover DIY balloons!


Making your four leaf clover



Gather all your materials and set up your work station, get yourself comfortable, turn on some music and jump right in!

Tip before you start! Gaffer tape is much easier to work with if you tear it instead of cut it with scissors, it’s actually kind of fun to work with. It’s super sticky and is hands down my favorite craft tape!

1. Depending if you want your four leaf clover balloon to hang or not, fill with helium or air. Once filled start connecting two of the balloons together with the tape, making sure to connect them on the lower part of the heart so the tape doesn’t show and the tape is on the back of the balloons. See picture below for the best tape placement and location.

2. Once you’ve connected two of the heart balloons add the third and then the fourth. It’s a little tricky when working with helium balloons as you’ll need to hold them down as you tape so they don’t float away! If working alone, use your feet or legs to help hold them down while you tape them together. Yes, I just told you to use your feet and legs in a DIY project!

3. After all four balloons are connected, grab the bottom inflation valve on all four balloons, pull up and twist them all together securing with a small piece of tape.

4. Grab your ribbon (any wide green ribbon will work) to make the clover stem and attach with the tape. Hang in between two of the hearts to create that look of a clover stem.

And that’s it! Your creative and colorful clover balloon is done! So cool, hearts to clovers, right?

Note: This DIY clover balloon works best when used as a backdrop or secured onto a wall or bulletin board since the tape does show on the other side. If you want to use them as centerpiece and want both sides to look nice buy gaffer tape in green — it comes in so many fun colors!


A wall of clovers

Can you imagine a wall of these cuties all lined up next to one another? What a sight that would be to see all these big bright green shamrocks together! I always wonder where these ideas will go next and how they will be used! Maybe in a school play or fun school party? Whatever your plan is for making these cuties be sure to share with me in the comments below. I love hearing all about how and what you used these DIYs for so the creativity can live on!

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And if you’re in a pinch and need to add some green to your outfit this St. Patrick’s Day, print this PDF and be “pinch proof”! 

Happy celebrating!