How to: Make a Donut Wall

Find the products in this image in the shop:    pink donut balloon   ,    black and white letter banner   ,    letter balloons   .

Find the products in this image in the shop: pink donut balloon, black and white letter banner, letter balloons.

Jump on The donut Wall trend with this Easy and fun DIY donut wall Tutorial!

For my boys’ race car and police birthday party I created a little concessions snack stand and donuts were the main show. I mean how could they not be, everyone loves donuts! It was one of my favorite elements of the party design. When styling events you want your designs and decor to be fun and invite your guests in to party. What better conveys, “Come on over, and join the party,” than a donut wall? It’s so super easy to DIY and adds that fun statement to any type of event, be it a birthday, a wedding or a holiday party. With just a few materials and this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be well on your way to styling the cutest donut wall with mini-donuts.

Making Your donut wall with mini-DOnuts


  • Peg board (can be bought at Home Depot or your nearest hardware store, cut to size)

  • Dowel Pins (wooden pegs) 1/4”

  • Spray paint or paint of choice (optional, you can also leave it white)

  • Drop cloth

  • Gloves (if you don’t want spray paint on your hands)

  • Sample donuts for testing space and size, I used mini donuts

  • Day of event donuts (make sure to order in advance of your event date)

Tips before you start!

Make sure to mock up your space with the party decor and party props you’ll be using. Take measurements of the table the donut wall will be sitting on and visualize how all the decor will work with your board to determine what size peg board will look best. Have the hardwood store cut the peg board to size. I bought a 4’x2’ peg board and had them cut it into two 2’x2’ boards, one to create the donut wall and one for another project.

On the day of your event, add your donuts according to the design you mapped out. I like to style in 3’s so I ordered 3 different flavors from Krispy Kreme for my donut wall: Mini Original Glazed Donuts, Mini Chocolate Iced Glazed and Mini Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles. Keep in mind how the flavors will look next to one another. I liked how the flavors contrasted one another, which made each flavor stand out. I also loved how the pink sprinkles donut matched the pink donut balloon I was using for my design (find the donut balloon in the shop!). Consider the party decor that will be near your donut wall when choosing your donut flavors, and ask yourself what donut colors will look best with your theme and decor and what donuts best coordinate with the mood you want to create for your event. When adding the donuts make sure they hang off the edge of the wooden pegs so they don’t touch the spray paint. You can also leave the peg board white if you prefer to not paint your board.


1. Lay the drop cloth flat on the ground outside and lay the peg board on top of the drop cloth. Spray with your choice of spray paint. Let dry and spray a second coat.

2. Think about how you want the donuts to appear on the wall and map out your design. I wanted mine to create a repeated pattern so I made sure to draw the pattern I wanted before adding the dowel pins. I also purchased some sample donuts in 3 different flavors so I could get the size and spacing correct and to get a visual of how they were going to be placed on the peg board.

3. To create the pattern I did, I went down 2 holes and over 1 hole for the first row and first dowel so the dowel was on the 3rd hole from the top (see image 3 below) and continued adding dowels across the first row in every 4th hole. For the second row I went down 4 holes from the first row but shifted to the right by one hole to give it a staggered look. For row three I went down another 4 holes from the second row but matched the alignment of the first row. I continued this pattern to complete all six rows. See image 3 for placement. Keep in mind I used mini donuts. If you’re using larger donuts you will need to add more space.

4. Take your board and double check your design and how it looks with all your party decor and props. I leaned my board against a wall. If you don’t have a wall behind the table you are using try using a cook book stand or DIY your own stand, making sure the stand is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the board. Make sure to test out your stand before your event so there aren’t any surprises!

5. On the day of your event, add your donuts according to the design you mapped out.


Style your Donut wall Display

Now that you have your donut wall completed and it’s the day of your event: add the donuts, your party decor and additional party props. Styling and setting up your donut wall the day of with party decor and props is what makes it so fun to see your design come together! Find endless party decor ideas for styling your donut wall in the shop.

Leave a comment and let me know what kind of celebration your having and why your making a donut wall and how your DIY donut wall turned out. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram so I can be part of your fun! You can find me on Instagram at @sugarmoonbloom.

Happy celebrating!


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