Decorating Your Doorway for Fall!


Seasonal Styling For Your Home

There’s just something about decorating your home with seasonal decor that gives you all those cozy, warm and happy Fall feels. Seeing the traditional decor items like pumpkins and mums, to candles and wreaths gets me so excited for the season change. And when it’s all said and done, after all my decorating efforts have been completed, I get to experience the joy of it all over and over again, each time I leave and come home. A project well worth my time and effort!

Fall Front Porch Decor

To me, choosing to focus most of your decorating efforts on your entryway really captures that welcoming feeling of the Fall season. Centering it around the door, the very entryway into your home, welcomes your guests and all those that pass by, reminding them of the joy of the season.

Decorating for the holidays is hands down one of my favorite things to do. It brings me happiness and satisfies my craving for those cozy Fall vibes. San Diego is pretty much warm all year long so decorating with Fall items transports me to a colder climate — who cares if it’s all in my head! It still takes me to those crisp Fall days I crave and love. So, let’s get started!

Forty-one pumpkins total, twenty seven for the very front doorway leading up to my front door and fourteen surrounding the front door. Four pumpkin-picking trips to find the best pumpkins at the best price. My Fall motto: you can’t have too many pumpkins!

Here are my 10 decor ideas for decorating your doorway, your entryway or your porch, and why I fell in love with my home before we bought it.

Decor Ideas for both doorways:

  1. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins - in all sizes, colors and varieties. My favorite is the fantasy pumpkins. I purchased my pumpkins from Trader Joe’s, they have the best selection of classic and fantasy for the best price.

  2. Mums - a fall seasonal staple. You just can’t do Fall decor without mums. My mom and I picked the mums out together and chose five complimentary fall colors. Choosing to style with odd numbers adds balance to your design. The mums and pots are from Home Depot.

  3. Wreaths - This year I was short on time, so I picked up the wreaths for both doors at Trader Joe’s, so easy! I purchased the Gingham ribbon from Michael’s, my local craft store and my mom made the bows. She’s been a florist for 35+ years so making bows is like tying shoes, she’s a pro! I should ask her how many bows she’s made in her lifetime, probably thousands!

  4. Lanterns - You can’t go wrong with adding a light element. I love using items that hold meaning, too. These lanterns were used at my wedding 7 years ago. I can’t remember where we got these cuties from, but you can find similar ones at Target, IKEA, and Pottery Barn.

  5. Candles - fall scented candles are my favorite, so I picked up a few from Target and added them to the lanterns. Guests kept asking me what that amazing smell was! I don’t think you can get more Fall than pumpkin-spiced scented candles!

  6. Welcome Mats - Seasonal mats have my heart and so does Etsy! I purchased the “Hello Pumpkin” mat from Black Butterfly Signs on Etsy and the “Home Sweet Home” mat from Target.

  7. Rugs - I found the best black and white Gingham rugs from Amazon (full and friendly disclosure, this is an Amazon affiliate link, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only endorse products I love and from brands I trust). I bought 3 and plan on purchasing 3 more, I totally love them! Place your welcome mat on top of your rug, it looks so cute. :)

  8. Symmetrical Design - For my loggia door design I went with a symmetrical design, but didn’t get caught up in making both sides match perfectly. I made sure that both sides felt balanced and the scale of each side matched. Remember to style with different varieties of pumpkins and make sure on each side they are similar in size and shape.

  9. Crates - even though I didn’t use crates in my design, they are a great way to add height and depth and they create more unique space to work with especially if you don’t have steps to create that long entrance design. Feel free to stack them and get creative with placement. Next year, I think I’ll use crates! You can find them at local craft stores usually year around.

  10. Banners - So this was an idea I had that I wanted to add this year but life with kiddos took over and I didn’t get around to do it, so next year it’s on my decor to-do list. I wanted to get a standing chalk board and drape some festive fall banners over it, layering them over it. Using multiple banners is totally my thing! It creates such a fun and unexpected vibe. If you want to see how to style with multiple banners, check out my blog post here.

These two pictures above are of the courtyard, which is one of the main reasons I fell in love with my home. The best way to describe this space is total serenity. The first time I walked through it, my mood was instantly elevated. This space can transform your inner state from not so good, to “Hey, everything is going to be OK”, to “Oh hey, wait, everything is actually really great!” Never underestimate the power of nature and a well designed intentional space. I’ve worked out here, meditated here and simply relaxed in this space, it’s absolutely wonderful!


And here in the two large pictures above is my front door, I just can’t get enough of that cute welcome mat! Thank you Black Butterfly Signs for hand-making such a cute product that makes me happy every time I see it!

It’s my hope that this post sparked some interest in you to go out and decorate, to celebrate this amazing season and all that it means for you. For me, it’s about comfort and joy, thankfulness and letting go. The comfort of traditions like homemade Fall recipes and holiday decorating and time spent in the here and now, thankful for what is and what is naturally falling away. Let the seasons serve as love notes, reminders for your soul of what’s important and let your home show your heart and what it is that you love. Play around with the space you have, big or small, add a few fall props and keep the intention of making it festive, fun and welcoming the center of all your efforts. Now tell me friends, what are some decor items that bring you joy and happiness? Let me know in the comments!

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.
— Nate Berkus