DIY Layered Tassel Earrings


DIY Layered Tassel Earrings

accessories are to an outfit like balloons are to a party, they make it that much more fun! Jump on this fashion trend and learn how to DIY layered tassel earrings of your own — they are so super easy to make you’ll want them in every color!

I love so many things about the tassel earring trend: they can add that pop of color to an outfit, they’re super easy to wear being so lightweight and they add such a fun factor to your style. Whenever I wear these tassel earrings I get people stopping me to tell me they love my earrings and ask wear I got them. I’ve noticed they hands down bring people joy! And anything that brings people joy is an absolute “yes!” in my book.

Join this joyful trend and get the DIY below!

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How to DIY layered tassel earrings

The easy way, which is way more fun!


  • Fishhook Earrings (choose your metal color, I used gold)

  • Jump Rings (choose your metal color, I used gold)

  • Scissors hands down one of my all time favorite scissors! (you’ll use scissors for cutting open the plastic bag the tassels ship in so really any scissors will work but wanted to share one of my favorites.)

  • Pliers x 2 (it works best with two pairs of pliers for gripping and holding the jump rings and fishhooks) you can use chain nose pliers, round nose pliers or needle nose pliers. I could write a whole blog post on the different types of pliers, so just keep in mind what you are looking for is a smooth jaw plier that will securely be able to grip the small jump rings and fishhooks to hold them in place without damaging them. You can order the 2 pack I linked on Amazon for a quick option but I would suggest a trip to your local hardware or craft store to be able to see all the different types.

  • Tassels from Woman Shops World on Etsy (not an affiliate link, I just really love her tassels!!!)


Get ready to be totally surprised on how easy these layered tassel earrings are to DIY!

1. Open your tassels by cutting the top of the packaging open and remove one of your tassels and place them near all your additional materials.

2. Take your pliers and use them to grab one jump ring. With your other hand take the second pair of pliers and open up the jump ring by turning just enough so the opening will fit through the ready-made loop on the tassels.

3. While holding the opened jump ring with one pair of the pliers push the opened jump ring under and through the ready-made loop on the very top of the tassel.

4. With the jump ring still slightly open grab a fishhook earring and push it onto the jump ring. Both the tassel and the fishhook earring should now be on the jump ring.

5. Grab your pliers and gently press the two sides of the jump ring closed, be careful not to push too hard. If you apply too much pressure the ring can break in half or become squished. If this happens, it’s totally OK, just start over with a new jump ring. :)

6. Once the jump ring is closed and you can see that both the tassel loop thread and the fishhook can’t get past the opening, you did it!

7. Grab the other tassel and continue with steps 1-6 to make your tassel earrings complete and have a pair of fun layered tassel earrings to rock!

And that’s it! Making these DIY layered tassel earrings were so easy peasy, am I right!?

The tassels I’m wearing are in the color called “Neutrals” which are the earrings in the last picture above, and the first below.


I’m seriously loving this trend so much, I can’t believe I’ve already made 10 pairs of these cuties. Look at all the beautiful layers and fun vibrant colors!


DIY Layered Tassel Earrings: A joyful fashion trend

As I mentioned before these tassel earrings seem to spread joy, I think it may be all the fun colors they come in that people gravitate towards! Whatever it is, I hope by learning how easy they are to make you’ll find joy in the DIY process, joy in wearing them and joy in seeing how they bring others joy. Isn’t that interesting that an accessory can spark joy in yourself and others!? I just love that concept. Be a billboard for joy! Now get DIYing and let me know in the comments what color you got!

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and show me your tassels you made so I can be part of the fun! You can find me on Instagram at @sugarmoonbloom.

Happy DIYing and celebrating all the things that bring you joy!


Photography of me by Chasing Daylight Photography, photography of materials and tassels by Sugar Moon Bloom

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