How to: DIY A Colorful Cake Stand for Party and Home or Any Occasion


Maybe you’re not a Martha Stewart-level baker, but even the simplest desserts will look fancy on a dressed-up dessert table with a unique and creative way to showcase them.

Make your own fun and functional cake stand out of our melamine plates (and even bowls)! These melamine products come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can match your party theme or mix and match for a fun and colorful sweets stand.




Choose your favorite melamine plates in different sizes. Get creative and mix and match! You can even use bowls if you want — the possibilities are endless! This simple DIY decor project is a great place to let your imagination shine.

1. Flip your plate (or bowl) upside down and locate the center. Mark the middle with a pen so you know exactly where to drill. Place a wood block on your work surface to protect your table while drilling.

2. Next, use the hand drill and a ¼” drill bit to drill a hole straight down into the center of the plate or bowl. Be sure to hold it steady so the drill doesn’t slip!



3. Screw the pieces together using our DIY cake stand holder kit. Make sure to use the washers and washer pads in between each level of the stand. The largest washer is for the bottom tier and the smallest is for the top tier. Washers go on the bottom of the plates or bowls, and washer pads go on both the bottom and top to protect the melamine.


Ta-da! Your sweet treats will look amazing on the cutest cake stand ever.

Take the stress out of party planning!

Celebrations should be a time of joy and happiness, not stress and overwhelm! Fun, simple and totally unique DIY party decor ideas will help you make your event both stylish and stress-free so you can get back to enjoying the party.

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Happy celebrating!

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