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How to Blend Two Birthday Party Themes: A Race Car and Police Party

Both my boys have birthdays in January (five days apart from one another) so we usually opt for one big birthday party to save my sanity after celebrating the holidays. Choosing a theme this year was a lot more challenging since my littlest guy, Aiden, wanted a race car birthday party and Dylan, my oldest, wanted a police party theme, so my work was all about blending these two party themes to create a cohesive party.

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How to: Make a Donut Wall

Jump on the donut wall trend with this easy and fun DIY donut wall tutorial! For my boys’ race car and police birthday party I created a concessions snack stand and donuts were the main show. I mean how could they not be, everyone loves donuts! It was one of my favorite elements of the party design. When styling events you want your designs and decor to be fun and invite your guests in to party, what better conveys, “Come on over, and join the party,” than a donut wall.

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How to: Style Party Backdrops with Balloons

Take your party up a notch by using balloons as your party backdrop and tell the story of your theme! Balloons are the quintessential party decor, showcase your party theme by making a creative backdrop using Mylar foil balloons. No helium, no problem! A big part of event planning is finding ways to make the day of your event easier, so eliminating one extra trip to the party store on the day of to get helium is a win-win in my book.

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