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Lemon Party Inspiration for a Lemon or Lemonade Birthday Party

Nothing says summer like a lemon or lemonade birthday party! Styling this party was beyond fun with all the happy yellow and pops of pink. Plus, can we talk about that pink script party balloon and those lemon shaped fruit balloons, both of which totally made this lemon-inspired party come together so nicely! I love when I’m styling a party and things just click into place and the decor tells the story of the theme so beautifully.

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How to Blend Two Birthday Party Themes: A Race Car and Police Party

Both my boys have birthdays in January (five days apart from one another) so we usually opt for one big birthday party to save my sanity after celebrating the holidays. Choosing a theme this year was a lot more challenging since my littlest guy, Aiden, wanted a race car birthday party and Dylan, my oldest, wanted a police party theme, so my work was all about blending these two party themes to create a cohesive party.

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